The Vision

An entrepreneur’s journey is always interesting. But it can be a long and testing path that one has to travel alone.

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ASCENT started with launching Trust Groups as waves of ten Trust Groups and now Trust Groups are being formed real time.

  • Total
  • Wave 1
  • Wave 2
Trust Groups 23
Members 360+
Aggregate Annual Turnover 14,700 Crs
Revenue Spectrum 50 lacs to 1600 crs +
Total Employee Base 44,597
Diverse Industries 65+
Mfg. to Services Ratio 46:54
Women Entrepreneurs 10%
Family Businesses 37%
Age Spectrum 23 to 56yrs
Trust Groups 10
Members 96
Annual Turnover 3,329 Crs
Revenue Spectrum 50 lacs to 420 crs +
Total Employee Base 14,076
Diverse Industries 40+
Mfg. to Services Ratio 45:55
Women Entrepreneurs 9%
Family Businesses 31%
Age Spectrum 24 to 55yrs
Trust Groups 10
Members 97
Annual Turnover 6,130 Crs
Revenue Spectrum 50 lacs to 1,600 crs +
Total Employee Base 12,130
Diverse Industries 50+
Mfg. to Services Ratio 45:55
Women Entrepreneurs 10%
Family Businesses 38%
Age Spectrum 23 to 56yrs

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