An entrepreneur’s journey is always interesting. But it can be a long and testing path that one has to travel alone. Not anymore.

I have walked this road and continue to do so even today. My enterprise, Marico, has grown in revenues from Rs. 40 Lakhs in 1971 to Rs. 5733 Crores today and I understand the challenges one faces while making an enterprise grow. As part of my personal goal in life and as my personal social responsibility, I am pleased and proud to introduce ASCENT – a non-profit venture, designed as a unique and powerful peer-to-peer platform for ambitious entrepreneurs, who have already embarked on their journey and are raring to go.

Ascent was founded in 2012 and was registered in 2015 as a Section 8 Company under the Companies Act, 2013 with the name “Ascent India Foundation”.

ASCENT offers a platform to ascent not only your business, but you – the entrepreneur – by leveraging the power of Trust Groups.The Trust Group format helps growing entrepreneurs learn from each other through exchange of ideas, experiences and insights, in a confidential yet liberal environment!

And trust me, it works! I have been part of a similar group of like-minded peers, meeting every month for the last 20 years and it has helped me through some of my most exciting times as an entrepreneur!

Currently we have 360+ members and 23 Trust Groups engaging actively every month. Our next milestone is ASCENT 1000 entrepreneurs (100 Trust Groups), while our dream is much larger.

ASCENT is a long term commitment, both from us and you!

I invite you to Apply for your Trust Group and Join us in the journey of ASCENT.

Best wishes,
Harsh Mariwala

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