• Do professionals qualify to be a part of ASCENT?
    • While ASCENT is a platform designed for entrepreneurs, it is open to professionals who preferably have a stake in the company and have the decision-making power to implement the learnings from ASCENT back to the enterprise.

  • Can I apply even if I don’t qualify according to the revenue slabs?
    • ASCENT Membership requires a disciplined and long-term commitment.

      Very early stage entrepreneurs/ businesses are in a stage of growth and may not be able to engage consistently. ASCENT is about helping you grow. The entry revenue sets a minimum bar for determining the credibility of an enterprise.

      The minimum revenue requirement for a Service Industry Company is ₹1​ ​Crores.

      The minimum revenue requirement for a Manufacturing Company is ₹5​ ​Crores.

  • Would Mr Harsh Mariwala be mentoring the groups personally?
    • No, Mr Harsh Mariwala will NOT be mentoring the Trust Groups personally. Though he periodically shares his insights and interacts through the various ASCENT events. ASCENT is designed as a peer-to-peer platform and its true value lies in the Trust Groups.
  • Where would we be having our meetings? Would ASCENT be arranging them?
    • Each Trust Group is self-governed and manages their own logistics, meeting venues, dates, time, costs and budgets. ASCENTs key role is in selecting (entrepreneurs); forming and facilitating the Trust Groups. Once set-up, ASCENT plays an enabling role across Trust Groups.
  • Is there a Membership fee to join ASCENT?
    • No, there is no Membership fee to join ASCENT. However, there is a Joining Commitment of Rs.15,000 (including GST). This is a one-time, non-refundable deposit that can be redeemed against ASCENT events within a three year period from the date of joining. This is applicable to all Members who have been initiated into ASCENT after 1 April 2018. Events organised by ASCENT:
      ▪ Annual ASCENT Conclave
      ▪ ASCENT Mixer that takes place twice a year
      ▪ ASCENT Huddle that takes place twice a year
      ▪ Workshops organised by ASCENT
  • Would we be getting Training from ASCENT?
    • ASCENT is not a training Institution, but a platform that enables learning amongst like-minded entrepreneurs. In fact, members within the Trust Group, identify and organise various such development opportunities themselves. ASCENT supports Trusts Groups by providing access to Knowledge Gurus, Industry Experts, etc.
  • I need funding. Can ASCENT provide it?
    • ASCENT does not provide funds or any other funding services. However, ASCENT creates an ecosystem which provides access and plays a catalytic role in connecting with various sources of funding like Banks, PE’s, VC’s, Angel Investors, Financial Service Providers etc.
  • I am not from Mumbai. Can I apply?
    • As of now, ASCENT operates only in Mumbai, but we do have members from Pune & Nashik.
  • Can 2 directors of the same company become a part of ASCENT?
    • Yes, but they will not be included in same Trust Group. However, both need to be active drivers of growth. ASCENT shall not accept passive directors.
  • What is the time commitment required?
    • ASCENT Trust Groups are required to meet for a minimum of 3 hours every month. Thereafter, each Trust Group collectively decides other engagements. Some have gone for offsites, etc. In addition to the above one could choose to engage in the various ASCENT events, which happen periodically, as per your interest and growth need.