A Long Term Commitment

ASCENT membership is just like Scaling-up your Enterprise.

A long-term commitment

Discipline and Sustainability is the key

Team work is critical

Discover your own path, there are no ready answers

Experience is the best teacher

We encourage our members to:

Engage with an Open Mind

Stay consistent

Be patient

Believe in 'the Power of the Collective'

Extract value instead of expecting value

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Members benefit from the collective wisdom and experiences of their Trust Group, as well as from interactions and ideas exchanged with members across other Trust Groups, and the eco-system of knowledge gurus and enablers engaged by ASCENT.

These relationships of trust create life-long bonds, and because an entrepreneur’s life is full of challenges and opportunities at every stage of the enterprise, these trusted relationships become the dependable support groups that entrepreneurs rely upon for advice, assistance and perspectives.

Trust us it works, all you need to invest is - Your Commitment !

We at ASCENT are equally committed to walk along with you on the long, painstaking yet exciting journey of scaling-up !

Happy ASCENTing !