The Value

ASCENT members can “extract” tremendous value for their personal and enterprise growth.

Your Own Trust Group

Your Trust Group evolves as the most POWERFUL value base:

Answering questions you perhaps never asked,

Sharing solutions from experience not theory

Validating thoughts/ideas/plans

Challenging and inspiring high energy environment

Experiencing, sharing and discovering HIGHS and LOWS, that you could not have shared at office

Friendships that grow and mature with time

Garnering experience based knowledge (not just gyan) from domain experts and role models

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ASCENT Insight

ASCENT organizes exciting and ‘relevant’ initiatives across the Trust Groups. The Insights (topics) for these initiatives are triggered from the members of the Trust Group itself.

Quarterly Member Mixers

Regular Webinars


ASCENT Communities

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ASCENT is committed to extract the best from the eco-system for its members. We shall progressively engage with ‘relevant’ partners based on the inherent needs of our members, to provide access to:

Capital – Venture Capitalists, Private Equity, Banks

Resources – Exciting Service Providers

Advise – Mentors, Advisors