The wrong time to flatten the innovation curve

– Nish Bhutani This is a tale of two retail competitors in the Corona and post-Corona era.  Recognising that consumer behaviour will change, perhaps forever, Keep Moving Pvt Ltd used the downturn and downtime to redirect its workforce’s energies towards innovation.  This was easy enough to do, as the daily din of operations had eased […]

Before scaling up marketing, scale down to one customer

– Nish Bhutani What is the essence of digital marketing? With its use of data and targeting, the digital marketing aspiration is to engage an individual customer with exactly the right communication for his or her needs, at the current stage of their buying journey. It is surprising, however, how often one sees examples of […]

Why Trust Groups Fail to Deliver?

I am an entrepreneur for the last eight years and have been running my business which is in the area of IT Solutions. As an entrepreneur, it was always a challenging and an isolated journey and I realised what I needed for guidance and support is a peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs. That’s when I […]