ASCENT- Sharing Experiences

On interviewing Karishma Parekh, Partner, Bharat Vastralaya (Karishma Sarees) on ASCENT and getting a detailed insight from her and her views, we got to know her opinions and what her expectations are from ASCENT. She is excited to be a part of an ASCENT Trust Group, and she can’t wait to hear real life stories from the other members and Mentors!

On deciding upon the name of her Trust Group, she put her passion in one word – “KICKASS”, which is the name for her Trust Group! She mentioned that this signifies the members’ need and common group goal needs to shift from the current level- for each individual, for each business and also for the group as whole.

We asked her to share some views and experiences as an entrepreneur, and she was happy to do so. For Karishma, the experience of creating the product and launching it, discussing the strategy was amazing to witness and was more of a step by step learning. She mentioned that her team learned to accept the   “NON-ACCEPTANCE” factor which is the crux of criticism and worked on building a positive response from them. At times, she lost hope and did feel like withdrawing from the market, but the will and power to stand against all odds, along with her Trust Group backing her helped her keep going.

Karishma mentioned that during hard times, they would brainstorm and search for all possible ways to overcome hurdles and become a strong team. This was a reel to real life lesson which helped in building healthy relations with the other Trust Group members.

She shared the inside story by disclosing the group’s idea of having fun- which was to conduct a discussion and then have an incredible dinner with the team. Their idea of fun was to collaborate both work and play, intertwining them into one.

According to Karishma, the members have loved the offsite trips and have totally appreciated the long term discussions with it. The concept is outstanding and leaves no scope for a dull or boring environment.

It was great to see how our ASCENT member loves to be associated with our team!