ASCENT Trust Group Diaries

This time around, ASCENT Trust Group Diaries features Harshad Daswani and Smriti Dalvi from the super energised Zoomers!
The members of this group are an enthusiastic bunch, ever ready to ZOOM in on the next big idea or ZOOM out of the confines of their office for some productive R&R!

Smriti elaborates, “We unanimously decided to call ourselves ‘Zoomers.’ The group name has been derived from the term ‘Jumar’, a device that helps mountaineers ascend a rope. It is to draw similarities with ASCENT and how we hope to climb up the ladder of success, using the knowledge and insights shared on the platform to our advantage.”

“As we are all early-stage businesses, we are looking forward to a steep ASCENT,” Harshad quips.

“There were extremely valuable inputs given, which helped me take some major decisions in my business,” adds Smriti.

A well bonded trust circle, this group takes the business of having some fun-under-the-sun very seriously, “We did an offsite in Goa a few months back, and we openly shared our future plans without any biases. Each of us had put in a lot of effort into our presentations. What is remarkable is that over the past 3 years we have become rather close friends, though we don’t make the mistake of taking each other’s opinions lightly. The respect that we have for each other’s professional caliber as well as for their time and commitment to the group seems to only grow with time,” says Smriti who also enjoys hanging out with the other group members whenever she has time. Of the many enlightening sessions arranged by ASCENT, Smriti touts the experiences shared by successful entrepreneur Kaushik Sen of Health Spring as most enjoyable; while for Harshad, the brutally honest insights generated at the ‘Check-in’ sessions have proven to be of invaluable help.

This group is a true celebration of togetherness that stems from embracing diversity. Harshad explains, “The beauty of an ASCENT Trust Group is in its diversity. We all follow different paths to our goals, be it common goals or otherwise. The key is to get there. In the Indian context of “Jugaad” of course there have been many different approaches to success within our own Trust Group, and this allows for tremendous learning for each of us.”

This is one Trust Group where ‘trust,’ ‘mutual respect’ and ‘love for life and learning’ are paramount. Each member is indeed like a pillar of support to the group members, and it is this sense of innate bonding over the spirit of entrepreneurship that has seen the group collectively tackle even grave issues with ones business.

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