BELIEF- A Leader’s mantra to success

Manak Singh, Chief Evangelist, ASCENT

Belief is one of the strongest Leadership traits and also a Leader’s toughest challenge.

An Entrepreneur or a Leader is a key driver of building, injecting and sustaining BELIEF in the purpose, objective or opportunity for which the enterprise journey was started. This happens especially in today’s disruptive times with the many exciting possibilities.

So how does one maintain a Belief in self and others? 

  • Infect, Include and Validate
    Most successful Entrepreneurs have a very strong sense of belief but they also keep validating and infecting other stakeholders (team, investors, etc.) to strengthen the Belief.
    Going solo is the toughest direction that is best avoided. But then one does face such fork roads during the journey as well.
  • Fail Fast – Learn Fast
    Business Models may rapidly pivot, teams will change, markets will challenge, and all of this will challenge your Belief. Those who keep believing but adapt fast to sustain or overcoming the many ambiguities have a better shot at achieving what they believe in. While a Belief can be anchored, but a Leader has to constantly keep evaluating the best route to realise that belief. Hence it is a Leader’s job to direct his team but before everything; have faith in one’s plans and actions.
  • Execution – the Final Frontier
    Finally the best test of any Belief system lies in Execution and application. This is when the leader has to lead from the front as well as walk along with the team as a coach, facilitator and peer. This is not a tough task but is quite challenging as the leader will have to understand both the sides of the coin. He will have to implement his mind actions and also comfort his team for a better output. This, if done, can result in accomplishment of many hard tasks.

Keep Believing! Keep Achieving!

-Mr Manak Singh, Chief Evangelist, ASCENT

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