Going through the Glass roof

The journey of an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is easier said than done, especially today when there are new businesses cropping up each day and every hour growing the struggle by leaps and bounds. Being an entrepreneur leaves you with many crossroads to choose from; be it following the traditional rules of building a brand or inculcating innovation in everything, there are no strict guidelines to say the least.

An entrepreneur invests not only his time and money but also all his passion and creativity into his venture but sometimes all this is not enough. What about the stress, frustration, the ‘no-flexibility quotient’ and the never-ending business demands? How does one cope will all of this? Though, the most underrated term in business, ‘moral support’ is no less than crucial, without this it is practically impossible to sail through difficult times. These difficult times ensure that a success story of an entrepreneur will always be full of speed bumps and crossroads, you will face multiple options at each step you take and the answers for these multiple choice questions are not easy to find. Hence, it is vital to have a support system that is capable of helping you and find answers to the much complicated questions. A group that consists of friends and mentors and helps you nurture your dreams in an empathetic manner and not just work as a ‘gyan gurus’.

This support system not only must guide you but should also hurl new ideas and whip novel opinions through a group of vastly flourishing and erudite mentors; some who are in your shoes and some who have been in your shoes. This helps in providing an outlook and also helps in organising a far more professional module to prominence.

A success story is always multifaceted; along with time, money and energy one does need some light while passing by the dark roads. There is no person who is the ‘be-all, end-all’, hence, seeking advice should never be counted as a step back; instead it is the basis of a step forward.

To sum it up the crux of the matter is rightly put forth by Mr Harsh Mariwala, founder ASCENT and Chairman Marico, “I have never shied away from seeking professional counsel. Fresh ideas helped me see how to transition a commodity business with no clear differentiators into an entity with strong brands in its portfolio.”

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