Transformation Of An Entrepreneur

I would like to express my journey with ASCENT for the last 15 months, through my spiritual coach expression.

Growth happens when “what is” transforms. Just the way a seed transforms. Growth comes naturally with transformation and not with transactions; with evolution and not exchange; with merging and not with (having) “more” or by multiplying or even by adding.

In context to ASCENT, I would like to acknowledge that I am engaging with the vision of ASCENT by scaling up enterprises through sharing of knowledge based on experience. I am confident that this platform will help my enterprise and also help me grow.

As an entrepreneur, I believe that leaders are the ones who should be available to all, not the ones who are important to all. Our availability demonstrates our engagement and not our importance. By making ourselves important over others or for others, makes us disconnected. Hence, our participation is important and leadership comes naturally.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to the ASCENT team for creating this digital platform for entrepreneurs to form strong bonds through sustainable engagement.

                                                            Vishal Sanghvi, CEO, Setu Infocom