Terms & Conditions

Personal Information Release

I understand that each Member’s personal information, including all memberships and Member to Member Exchange data, may be used by ASCENT and incorporated into the ASCENT and its databases. I understand that ASCENT retains all rights to these databases.

Membership Agreement

I understand that as a condition to becoming a member of ASCENT, I agree to abide by and adhere to all of ASCENT’s Policies and Procedures as established by ASCENT from time to time.

ASCENT Code Of Conduct

All ASCENT members will be provided with a code of conduct and expected to abide by it. The expectations are intended to bolster and protect the spirit of trust, respect and openness, ASCENT members inherently have for one another.


Ascent encourages the “Power of Groups” over the “Power of One”. Better leaders, education and idea exchange are created via the committed and deliberate involvement of every member in Forum meetings, Events and other Leadership roles (Moderators & Co-Moderators).


ASCENT creates a trusting environment in which ideas and experiences are openly shared. This is due to the expectation of Confidentiality for:

  • Content within the Trust Group.
  • Content from member-to-member meetings or Inside the Boardroom discussions.
  • Content from public and private sector speakers who address us on an “off-the-record” basis.