Sharing Experiences – Valuable Feedback

ASCENT is a foundation that believes in an eco-system which is ‘growth ready’ for entrepreneurs. Team ASCENT reached out to two member entrepreneurs to get ‘real feedback’.

The first question revolved around their experience for the first Trust Group Meeting.
According to Dr. Nilesh Amritkar: It was an incredible experience and I felt fortunate to be a part of it. I was very excited and glad at the same time to be introduced to most knowledgeable and experienced set of entrepreneurs.
While on the other hand, Sanjay Toshniwal had a different perspective altogether: I was full of apprehensions.

We continued with our next question. Tell us the name of your group and justify it?
Dr. Nilesh Amritkar: TIGERS – we are agile leaders.
Sanjay Toshniwal: Our name was to depict aggression and confidence. All members identified with the name, so TIGERS became a unanimous choice.

We asked them to share their most connecting experience at the ASCENT Trust Group meeting.
Dr. Nilesh came up with an instant reply: External Knowledge Gurus – external domain experts engaging with us.
Sanjay, on the contrary, had a different tale to share: One some occasions we discussed about major crisis that some member had encountered. These are great bonding sessions and bring all the members closer to each other.

We wanted to know an insight of their life and asked them to share their personally connecting experience as an entrepreneur that they would have shared in the meeting.
Dr. Nilesh: The never-ending difficulties in day to day functioning of the organisation and also way forward for business building.
Sanjay: My moving out of the family business and starting on my own venture.

What was your Trust Group’s feedback on your experiences?
Dr. Nilesh: Members share their own business experiences which are the most useful.
Sanjay: Absolutely, great connection besides all members appreciated the strength and ability to move out of the family business.

On breaking the monotony, we inquired about the group’s idea of fun.
Dr. Nilesh: Get together and Party!
Sanjay: Meeting socially too.

On winding up with the session, we asked their favourite group activity.
Dr. Nilesh: Business presentations, sharing of good practices and external Knowledge Gurus.
Sanjay: Business Plan and sharing views on how to go about it in totality.

These experiences help us to get an insight into the psyche of the members and what they expect out of their Trust Groups and ASCENT. Team ASCENT was thrilled and full of gratitude to have known genuine responses of their members.

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