Trust group Member Diaries

I am the Change.

At ASCENT, it’s all about harnessing the Power of the Collective, and Trust Group members Manisha Sangani and Khushal Gala echo the sentiment wholeheartedly.

As members of ASCENT Trust Group aptly titled ‘Eagles,’ these two high achieving individuals recount their early days at ASCENT and their journey so far.

In Togetherness we Trust – Together we Learn – Together we Build.

Eagles is an ASCENT Trust Group, and much like the other member groups, is a close knit unit with members brought together from diverse industries and varied entrepreneurial experiences.

On being asked how has the journey with the Trust Group shaped up so far, Khushal summarises the experience as a strategic process that involved un-learning and re-learning key business fundas. He further said that doing it together with his Trust Group made it a whole lot more fun! He goes on to add “On a personal level I have learnt life enriching lessons from other more experienced members of the group, while on the professional front I have picked up insights along with industry best practices and focused analysis models. I have learnt much from my group members. Key examples with all practical applications on HR policies, IT setup, business plans and follow-ups are all invaluable gains accrued from my group.”

 Together we Build.

Manisha believes she has benefited greatly from her Trust Group sessions, becoming better at “strategic thinking.” From focusing on enhancing creativity to easy understanding of financial twists and turns that can undermine the best of the brains, this Trust Group discusses it all. The insights gained from collective experience takes the learning to a whole new level altogether.

Manisha goes on to add “The Human Resources Huddle was extremely helpful. Practical learning sessions such as these are much easier to understand and adapt to than the classroom teachings. Add this to the fact that you are answerable on this forum for applying the solutions and then bringing up the results for further discussion, unlike in academic circles where you may read and absorb a lot but you may never really be executing upon any of those learnings.”

Khushal agrees, “It’s the fastest way to learn. The current HR policy of our company has drawn a lot from best practices of our group.
Yearly business plans and targets have changed dramatically this year due to my discussions on the same within our Trust Group.
Our quarterly reviews are done much better now that external debt is handled much more cautiously, basis some of the experiences shared within the group. My brother and I have now decided that we would bring in complete transparency and accountability from our end, separating the management from ownership.”

Both Manisha and Khushal attribute the Trust Group meetings in bringing about a big change in their perspectives and widening their horizons, where today they can effectively think of aligning their products and services across a much broader spectrum.
Manisha feels ASCENT has “gifted her with a new found razor sharp focus on results which has definitely made a marked difference on the growing enterprise’s bottom line.”

Urging all budding entrepreneurs to join, Khushal says “ASCENT is a tribe. One’s chances of success and survival (especially in business) greatly increase by being a part of this tribe.”

Manisha signs off on a high note, “It is an opportunity to have a business-oriented social circle similar to your gang of friends where you relax and can really let your hair down as you discuss business related issues in complete confidentiality. At ASCENT, the Trust Group helps ease the pressures of handling the various business related issues that only entrepreneurs can really understand.”

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